The Freak Scene: London’s New Endearingly Hectic Izakaya Haven

What do you get when you mix together Asian fusion, rock ‘n’ roll, and izakaya? If you said “a place I’d like to see” then you’ve hit the jackpot. The city first saw The Freak Scene in 2017 as an iconic pop-up in Farringdon and has since delighted diners at its first permanent residence on Soho’s Frith Street (before its devastating close in 2020 for reasons we would all like to forget). Keeping the brand alive after three years out of the spotlight is founder ex-Nobu Head Chef Scott Hallsworth with the restaurant's newest venture into Parsons Green, supported by none other than comedian Adam Hills, who you may have seen hosting Channel 4’s The Last Leg. As a local to the area, we couldn’t keep ourselves away.

First things first, let’s talk about the venue. With a glowing purple aura, The Freak Scene is decked out with an intimate yet buzzy dining area, two private dining rooms, and an animated bar space with bartenders shaking up deliciously innovative cocktails. To set the laid back tone, alternative music fills the air and the tables are lit with petite artsy lamps, which we loved so much that we wanted to take one home with us. When the moment comes, you will love the bathroom, a simple design but featuring a basket of Posca markers for customers to decorate the walls and mirror with. On our visit, the area was completely covered in doodles and writing giving the space a nightclub bathroom vibe, but in the best way possible.

The all-new menu consists of fifteen Asian fusion small plates split between meat, seafood, and vegetables, and are perfect for sharing and experimenting. Each dish is well thought out and packed full of flavour, complemented by their curated garnishes and sauces - so good that you’ll want to go for round two. Hitting the plates are seasonal seafood and sushi items including Yellowtail Sashimi drizzled with incredible creamy sweet potato tosazu and hearty meat dishes such as their best-seller Chicken-fried Chicken, juicy chicken thighs paired with a peanut soy sauce. The drinks list features a creative set of signature cocktails made with ingredients such as plum wine and elderflower cordial; mocktails; and Japanese sake which makes for a unique taste explosion when paired with the food.

What are you waiting for, grab some pals and practice your chopstick skills for an evening of mood lighting, good music, and experimenting with some new flavours.

Book your table here for The Freak Scene: 28 Parsons Green Lane, London SW6 4HS.

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