The Best Vegan Restaurants in London

With Veganuary well and truly underway, it’s the perfect time for a little mid-month inspiration to see you through to the finish line! As the city with the most vegan restaurants in the world, London’s not shy of a few outstanding plant-based menus - and so without further ado, here are the top five best vegan restaurants that need to be on your radar this Veganuary.


Two people eating at a dinner table, with wine, small plates, and delicious food.

A pop-up becoming permanent? We love to see it. A ‘root-to-shoot’ restaurant, Tendril brings the spotlight back onto the humble vegetable, using every possible part of each ingredient, including cauliflower stalks, beetroot tops, and even pickling juice. With a daily changing menu, expect to tuck into seasonal delights like summer squash, chipotle mushrooms, and the most decadent of chocolate ganaches.

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A table full of small sharing plates, and mezze style dishes.

Allow us to introduce you to an absolute hidden gem tucked away in the heart of East London! Naifs is a warm and homely family-run bistro, serving a delicious tasting menu full of natural and seasonal produce. Their relaxed atmosphere also translates to their menu, with their delicious small mezze plates designed to be shared by the entire group all together, family-style.

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Tofu Vegan

A table full of Chinese dishes, like vegan dumplings, mushrooms, and tofu.

With chefs hailing from Sichuan and Dongbei in China, Tofu Vegan offers a completely plant-based menu featuring unique regional dishes and enticing flavours. Most excitingly, they’ve also launched a 100% vegan dim-sum menu packed full of delicious dumplings, fluffy baos, and the spiciest of wontons.

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Club Mexicana

A large table full of Mexican dishes, like tacos, enchiladas, and margaritas.

Did someone say vegan tacos? What started out as a small supper club took the city by storm, and soon Club Mexicana was opening not one, but three delicious locations in London. You’ll find everything from juicy birria tacos to cheesy nachos and stacked burritos - not to mention some killer frozen margaritas - all 100% vegan, and in their words, ‘100% bangin’’!

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A beautiful dish of vegetables, including tomatoes and samphire

Brought to you from the team at Mildred’s, the city’s oldest (and most iconic) vegan restaurant, Mallow is a minimal-waste restaurant serving seasonal, sustainable food inspired by cuisines from all around the world. They work with local producers and businesses to source ingredients with the least possible impact on the environment, bringing you a unique, varied, and beautifully crafted menu bursting with fresh and colourful food.

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Find our full Guide to the city’s best vegan restaurants on the Bindy Street appor satisfy your sweet tooth even further with Heavenly Dessert’s fully plant-based Veganuary menu!

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