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The first step of many...

Being in the app is just the first step. Bindy Street allows you to update your content, add new events, tell users about your latest promotions and highlight your venue by posting to the Discovery Feed - all for free.

Showcase Your Best Features

Easily update your business listing with any booking links, brilliant photos, or exciting events for our users.

Reach New Audiences

Posting onto our public Discovery Feed will allow you to reach new users whose interests align with your venues.

Become a Verified Partner

Benefit from our free marketing program by joining us as an early Bindy Street Verified Partner.

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Perfect your business listing

Find your venue on the app, and add more content or high-resolution images to your business content scroll.


Promote any new events

Promote your exciting, new events on the app. These will appear on your content scroll, and potentially in our What's On This Week guide.


Feature your latest promotions

Add any of your latest promotions to the app. These will appear directly on your content scroll, and link out straight to your offers and promotions.


Advertise on the Discovery Feed

Advertise your events or promotions to our app users by posting onto our Discovery Feed. This is where users scroll through the app's latest content, user photos and reviews, venue events, and more.

Some of our Affiliates & Verified Partners

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Join Our Verified Partner Network

Join our Bindy Street Verified Partner network program to benefit from free promotional marketing activities, personalised account management, and further business outreach efforts.

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