Say hello to your
Spirit of Adventure

Bring your Spirit of Adventure to life!

Unlike other customisable avatars, you can earn themed cosmetics and accessories for your Spirit of Adventure based on the things you do and enjoy in real life. Whether you’re a foodie lover or a festival goer, the Spirits are here to help you make the most of your in-app experience! Visit new places, take photos, and share your experiences with friends to unlock plenty of unique cosmetics.

Unleash your Spirit of Adventure

Endless possibilities

Whether you’re a nature lover or a cinema fanatic, customise your Spirit of Adventure with hundreds of cosmetic combinations to reflect all your unique interests.

Express yourself

From cute cafe aprons or artsy museum berets, everything you do in-app will help you unlock cosmetics reflecting all your interests and favourite places.

Seasonal Collections

Bucket hats to bum bags, or denim dungarees to maxi dresses, give your Spirit the perfect holiday fit with our seasonal summer collection, out now.

Splash That Cash!

Earn Points to buy your Spirit fun cosmetics and accessories by visiting places, taking photos, and sharing your experiences with friends on the Discovery Feed.

The origin of the Spirits

Spirits of Adventure all begin as mysterious floating orbs of energy throughout the world. When they discover a human they connect with, they create a ‘bond’ with them, triggering them to form into their current Spirit shape. Once this strong bond forms, a Spirit and their human will always remain connected through all of life’s exciting adventures!    

Where will your adventures take you?

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spirit of adventure wearing a green frog hat dancing
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