About us

Bindy Street first started in 2019 with a passionate team of 4 in a small side office. This small team quickly grew to 20, comprising of diverse and talented individuals working in tech, design, and business development.

Who we are

Hybrid working, home-cooked lunches, a Share Option Scheme and an attitude to avoid crunch at all costs; we strive to break the mould of the classic start-up by making our human-first mindset a core pillar of our life at work. Little things like having lunches together, pizza and drinks after work, or even game nights, all make our lives at work as enjoyable as they are productive.

We Believe In...

the joy of discovery and shared experiences - there's an adventure for everyone!

We'll Strive To Be...

a source of inspiration that unearths life's gems, helping you explore and find the best experiences.

How We'll Do It...

by being fun, genuine, dedicated, and respectful advocates for you.

The Bindy Bunch

“I want to travel to Australia to watch Aussie Rules, or Japan for the good food.”


“As nerdy as it sounds, I’d say my hobby is writing code and solving software problems.”

Technology Lead

“I’d like to travel to Iceland to see the Northern lights and soak in the Blue Lagoon.”

Lead Content Editor

“I love the chaos and hustle of Camden Market - and the freebies from the food sellers!”

Design Lead

“My favourite thing to do in London is trying new restaurants celebrating different cultures.”

Product Lead

“My hobbies are all things programming- I’m a nerd through and through.”

Unity Lead

“I’d say some of my favourite hobbies include kickboxing and gaming,”

QA Lead

“I love going to a new park or stumbling across hidden bits of nature in London.”

Marketing Lead

“I love going to the movies, especially the IMAX Cinema in London.”


“I love to visit all the markets (especially with food!) in London.”

Content Creator

“My favourite spots in London are Blacklock for the best steaks and Bad Moon Cafe for games.”

Business Analyst

“I love stopping by Spitalfields City Farm to escape London’s bustle.”

Senior Creative Designer

“My favourite place in London is Broadway Market on a Saturday morning.”

Mid UI/UX/Graphic Designer

“My hobbies are definitely all things related to Gameboys and Origami.”

3d Artist

“I’d love to head to America to go crazy in all of the good thrift stores.”

Content Writer

“I love baking (and eating!) sweet treats.”

Editorial Intern

“If I could travel, I’d head to Tuscany for its romantic architecture & Renaissance art.”

Content Writer

“I want to travel to Norway to see the Northern Lights.”

Web Developer

“I really want to travel to France to see all their historical and beautiful landmarks.”

Web Developer

"I dream of travelling to Japan to see the beautiful Japanese gardens and Sakura blossoms."

Web Developer

“My favourite place in London is The Toucan in Soho for the best Guinness east of Dublin.”

Web Developer

“I like creating games for people to enjoy, and rewatching Doctor Who in my spare time.”

Unity Developer

“One of my favourite hobbies is definitely cooking!”

Unity Developer

I love the natural history and science museums, wandering their halls learning various wonderful facts about our wonderful world.

Unity Developer Intern

“Woof! I love Wandsworth Park and chasing squirrels in my free time.”

Chief of Barketing

“My hobbies include barking at everything, especially pesky pigeons.”

Head of Security

Interested in working with us?

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