Jacuzzi - London’s Hottest New Restaurant

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately (no judgement here), then we’re sure you’ll have heard of Big Mamma Group’s latest opening, Jacuzzi. If not, then prepare for the inside scoop on just how extravagant this spot really is…

Jacuzzi is much more than just your average Italian restaurant. It’s a theatrical experience consisting of 4kg cheese wheels of pecorino, White Lotus inspired cocktails, a disco toilet (yes, you read that right), and four floors of stunning, instagrammable interiors. With three popular restaurants already under their belt - Ave Mario, Circolo Popolare, and Gloria - it comes as no surprise that this new opening ticks every single box.

jacuzzi italian interiors restaurant

First off, the interiors. Led by a supreme Italo crew, step inside the doors of this South Kensington venue where you’ll be greeted by alabaster walls, a gigantic limone tree, stucco ceiling, and a plush, sweeping staircase that leads to the next floor, the botanical mezzanine. Feel the Sicilian spirit with their retractable glass ceiling that’s sure to catch the rays in the summertime.

Or, head up another floor to the boudoir where you’ll find a plush green space bedecked with murals to Italo fashion greats. Meanwhile, their basement (we did warn you it was four floors) has been transformed into their first ever disco toilet. Enter the glitter ball to a cove of mirrors, toilets, and stalls that allow you to look out at those waiting in line as you get down to, well, business.

Next up, the star of the show, the food and drink. Led by Head Chef Manuel, the menu consists of the finest Italian ingredients. Choose from delicate pizzette topped with truffle, caviar, and bottarga, their colossal truffle pasta for two with fresh black truffle, truffle cream, and parmigiano foam (served in a giant cheese wheel), their first-ever shareable chocolate fondue (made with half a kilo of the best Valrhona chocolate), or their grilled 28-day aged, juicy rib-eye steak.

pizza wine italian restaurant

If you’re feeling thirsty after the excitement of it all, then dive into all things that froth and bubble, with their whirlpool of sparkling wines, delectable cocktails, and a shot or two of limoncello - dreamy.

Book here for Jacuzzi: 94 Kensington High St, London W8 4SJ or download Bindy Street for London’s latest openings and hidden gems!

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