Dishes For Under £10 at London's Favourite Food Markets

To be utterly spoiled for choice, the foodies of London all gather together at these buzzy markets on the weekends to fill their stomachs with a variation of snacks and dishes from street food vendors bringing the very best of global cuisines to the city. Whether you’re in search of the best budget bites or embarking on a market stall crawl, we have found some of the most highly recommended options for under £10 - and best of all, we have plenty more recommendations on our free app in our Markets of London guide!

Camden Market West Yard

With over 30 street food stalls offering a wide range of cuisines, it can be hard to choose just one of the tasty dishes available at the famous Camden Market. If you’re wanting to make sure you get the most bang out of your buck, be sure to join the maybe not-so orderly queue for these special vendors.

Location: Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF

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Oli Baba at Camden Market

1. Oli Baba

Famous for being the original creators of halloumi fries, Oli Baba specialise in modern meat-free Middle Eastern food, hand-making their flatbreads every morning in the traditional Israeli fashion. When at Camden Market we cannot resist giving them a visit for a delicious portion of their Original Halloumi Fries served with Za’atar Yogurt, Pomegranate Seeds, Sumac, Mint, and Pomegranate Molasses for just £7.50.

Funky Chips at Camden Market

2. Funky Chips

If you dabble in TikTok, you may have seen a current craze over a certain vendor whipping up a mountain of halal and veggie-friendly loaded fries covered in seasonings, sauces, and any topping of your choice. If you’re not already familiar with the name, you’ll want to remember Funky Chips; grab a portion of their Masala or Nacho Chips for £9.60 or £9.80 for a messy treat to share with friends, or just all to yourself, no judgments here.

Dutch Pancakes at Camden Market

3. Dutch Pancakes

For a sweet treat, say hello to Dutch Pancakes serving up light, fluffy, and traditional Dutch treats covered in icing sugar. With toppings including melted Nutella, marshmallows, and sliced fruit you won’t be able to resist scoffing a portion of these pancake pockets for just £3.95 or even 15 pieces for £4.45.

Old Spitalfields Market

Bringing together small producers and local creatives, Old Spitalfields Market is an original to the East end with a selection of street food vendors that’ll always keep you coming back for more. Here are some of the traders worth checking out with deals that’ll keep both your tummy and your wallet happy.

Location: 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW

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Mr. Bombay at Old Spitalfields Market

1. Mr. Bombay

In the food business since 1979, the husband and wife team behind Mr. Bombay works to inject a slice of Bollywood into Spitalfields with their authentic Indian dishes packed with flavour and made with love. Choose from a Tandoori chicken or “tawa” paneer wrap with a choice of sauces for £8 or for the same amount of coins, opt for one of their meal deals which includes a portion of Karshi or Tandoori chicken on a bed of aromatic dahl and basmati rice.

Dirty Bagels at Old Spitalfields Market

2. Dirty Bagels

Voted the best bagel in London, Dirty Bagels is where you’ll want to be queuing if the sound of a generous helping of cheese being blowtorched onto a mountain of slow roasted pulled pork is music to your ears. For just £6 to £8, select your favourite variation of carb whether that be bagel, baguette, or brioche bun and watch them create the best hot sandwich you’ll have ever bitten into.

Humble Crumble at Spitalfields Market

3. Humble Crumble

Now, we can’t talk about Spitalfields without mentioning Humble Crumble can we? A firm favourite with people travelling far and wide just to get a glimpse; Humble Crumble combines the nation’s most beloved dessert with a range of artisanal flavourings such as torched marshmallow, pure vanilla custard, or a dark chocolate drizzle. Shell out £6.50 for a regular sized cup of crumble or go large for £8 for an indulgent treat that’ll give your Instagram followers raging food envy.


Borough Market

Situated south of the River Thames beneath the London Bridge railway lines, Borough Market is the oldest and largest market hall in the city. Specialising in all things food, this market is constantly buzzing with foodies looking for their latest fix of fresh produce and street food bites.

Location: 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL

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Porteña at Borough Market

1. Porteña

Bringing the authentic taste of Argentina to Borough Market is Porteña offering a selection of wines, beers, steak sandwiches, and of course, their traditional empanadas with a range of enticing filling options including spinach and ricotta, chorizo, and the classic beef. At £3.30 each, these perfectly crispy pockets of heaven make for a great snack when exploring what the market has to offer.

Padre at Borough Market

2. Padre

After two years of popping up all over Europe and Mexico, Padre finally set up their forever home at Borough Market in 2019. The taqueria serves up tacos and Mexican small plates by day and on summer evenings becomes a fully fledged restaurant with outdoor table service, cocktails, and Tropical plants. When having a browse, market dwellers can pick up a selection of gluten free soft shell tacos filled with beef, pork, lamb, or chicken for £4. Keep an eye out for their rotating specials such as their yummy £5 fish tacos and the carne asada taco with chargrilled steak for £6.

Bread Ahead at Borough Market

3. Bread Ahead

Founded in the very same space that you’ll find them today, Bread Ahead is a bakery and cooking school at the heart of the market providing London with freshly baked bread, delectable pastries, and their viral sensation doughnuts. Tuck into a sugary delight with some pretty spectacular creamy fillings from velvet chocolate and lemon curd to sea salted caramel with honeycomb, and at £4.50 each they are worth every penny.

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