Where To See London’s Prettiest Christmas Lights

While we all love our beautiful city, there's no denying that it looks even more spectacular when it's adorned with glittering Christmas trees and strings upon strings of twinkling lights. Just the mere sight of Carnaby Street or Covent Garden during the festive season will melt even the coldest of hearts and ignite a merry spirit. As always, it's all kicking off in November and we can hardly wait, so we've taken the pleasure of finding the best light shows that London has to offer this year. If seeing the festive lights is your favourite activity of the season, there’s plenty more to be explored on the Bindy Street app.

1. Christmas at Kenwood

Christmas lights trail at Kenwood, London

From the 1st of December, merrily skip your way through this dazzling light trail at Hampstead’s Kenwood House to witness vibrant colours, lights, and interactive displays all before your very eyes. With something to gaze lovingly at on every corner, it’ll be impossible to escape the festive spirit, but if you’re anything like us, you wouldn’t dream of it anyway. As soon as those hunger pangs hit, be sure to make your way to the food court for festive food and steaming hot tipples that’ll keep your belly nice and warm.

1st December 2023 - 1st January 2024

2. Carnaby Christmas Lights

Christmas lights on Carnaby Street, London

Every year, we can always count on Carnaby Street to pull out all of the stops when it comes to illuminating its buzzy district with a festive light display. Previously we have seen gigantic snowmen, beautiful fluttering butterflies, and even a homage to the iconic band Queen all combined with kaleidoscopic colours - but what can we expect this year you may ask? Get down there for the switch on from 4pm on November 8th to be the first to catch a glimpse.

From 8th November 2023

3. The Ever After Garden

White rose Christmas lights at The Ever After Garden in Mayfair, London

At Christmas time, Mayfair never looked so beautifully festive, especially when The Ever After Garden made its grand appearance on Grosvenor Square. In all of its awe-inspiring beauty, this festive garden will be home to 25,000 illuminated white roses laid out for all of you city dwellers to gaze upon. As always, you are invited to dedicate one of the roses as a memory to a loved one with a £10 donation fee towards the support of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

16th November - 19th December 2023


4. Regent Street Christmas Lights

Regent Street Christmas angel lights in London

It’s a sure sign that it’s the most wonderful time of the year when Regent Street’s graceful angels appear in the sky in all of their golden-hued glory. As the original trendsetters for Christmas light displays, they are the proud home of the largest in the country. Join your fellow Londoners who flock to this location every year just to get a glimpse of ‘The Spirits of Christmas’ and of course, don’t forget to grab those all-important sparkling snaps.

From 9th November 2023

5. Covent Garden Christmas Lights

People surrounding the Covent Garden Christmas tree in London

The Christmas lights of Covent Garden are known all over the world, and we think we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere it creates. Enjoy a mosey around this bustling area as it transforms into a Christmassy landscape with twinkling trees, Santa’s bright red sleigh, and some very special installations from local businesses. As if it was a Christmas miracle, for the first time in almost ten years, Covent Garden will be unveiling a brand new installation inside their iconic Market Building. Get ready to see over 40 enormous golden bells wrapped in bows alongside giant baubles and sparkling mirror balls. Let the festivities begin!

From 7th November 2023

6. Epping Ongar Lights Express

The Epping Ongar Lights Express steam train lit up with Christmas lights in London

All aboard the Polar Express… well, the next best thing. The Epping Ongar Lights Express is getting steamed up and ready to take passengers on another unforgettable Christmas journey. As of November, take the opportunity to grab a seat on one of their magical carriages and delight in a dazzling light show complete with interactive LED wristbands and romantic countryside views. Taking you along for the journey will be none other than “Voiceover Man” from Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor who will be getting you into the festive party spirit with a DJ mix that’ll get the whole train rocking.

November 2023 - January 2024

7. Oxford Street Christmas Lights

Oxford Street stars Christmas lights in London

Once again, Europe’s longest shopping street will be bringing a festive outer space experience to drop the jaws of every Christmas shopper this year. The truly magical ‘sky full of stars’ light display is made even more awe-inspiring by being environmentally friendly. Thousands of brilliant, white stars are made up of over 300,000 LED bulbs and recycled materials, making this stellar view that much sweeter.

2 November 2023 - January 2024


Main photo credit: James Clancy

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