Yum Bug: London’s New Edible Insects Restaurant

Pulled cricket tacos, cornish pasty with cricket chunks, and blonde chocolate cricket soft serve - the new superfood adding a crunch to London’s food scene.

After their edible insect pop-up made headlines last November, Yum Bug founders Aaron Thomas and Leo Taylor decided to open up a permanent restaurant in Finsbury Park, serving up bug-based small plates designed to showcase how versatile crickets can be - a chirp in the right direction some may say!

yum bug restaurant interiors

But why crickets? Well, not only do they produce 15 times less CO2 than beef, but they're also packed with a whopping 30% more protein than beef too, which Yum Bug aims to highlight by turning locally-sourced crickets into sustainable, nutritious, and delicious dishes. 

yum bug cricket flatbread

Diners can expect dishes such as toasted sourdough and cricket beurre noisette, rigatoni and red pepper ragu, kofte stuffed pitta kebab, alongside dark chocolate cremeux, Thai tea, and peached comice pear with powdered and crumb cricket. Will you be hopping on the edible cricket bandwagon?

Location: Yum Bug Restaurant, 110 Fonthill Rd, London N4 3HT 

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